Open Knowledge Association (Charitable Organisations)

Founded in 2012, Open Knowledge Association has a vision of “We Create, We Share, We Love”. Through development of e-book platforms, learning tools andinteractive electronic teaching materials with teachers, we aim to provide assistance to students in need.

Open Knowledge Association is one of the non-profitable organisations that participates in the first phase and second phase of Electronic Market Development Scheme (EMADS). With a specialty in editing and producing Chinese language and Putonghua e-textbooks, Open Knowledge Association has been developing, designing and editing school-based electronic teaching materials for various schools. In addition to maintaining close partnership with different educational institutions, we are keen to understand NCS students’ learning difficulties.

In 2016, the Association has jointly participated in HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme to produce over 570 e-books which are open for public use. The project has covered an extensive range of subjects, such as Chinese language, Mathematics, General Studies, Music, Visual Arts, Information and Technology, Design and Technology and Practical Communications (Putonghua and English). In the meantime, the editable content is made suitable for all students subject to their learning abilities and needs. In the same year, sponsored by “The Swire Group Charitable Trust”, the Association has designed another set of electronic learning materials, also known as “Learning Chinese is Fun”, to help NCS students develop their holistic Chinese abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The application was made available to all Hong Kong students in February 2017. Moreover, the Association was also supported by the Language Fund and had jointly developed “Interactive Learning Chinese with News for NCS students” project with Ming Pao. With news articles and a diversity of learning activities, students are expected to learn useful words and enhance their reading abilities so that they can relate themselves more to the society. The application was open to all schools and the public in mid 2017.

Project Partner: Prof Leung Pui Wan Pamela

Professor Leung is now the associate professor at the Department of Chinese Language Studies and the director of School Partnership and Field Experience of the Education University of Hong Kong.As a veteran educator of Chinese language, her areas of expertise and research interests include Chinese teacher education, Chinese teaching and promoting learning assessment. In recent years, professor Leung mainly teaches courses related to Chinese teaching for NCS students. In addition to teaching and being an active member of “Centre for Research on Chinese Language and Education”, she has also dedicated to knowledge transfer activities to promote Chinese learning and provide support to the professional development offront-line teachers.

From 2016 to 2017, professor Leung was sponsored by SCOLAR and edited “Chinese Cultural Readings: Historical Personage”. It was aimed to develop more reading materials for NCS students and promote better understanding of Chinese history and cultures.