Our Vision

Studying Chinese in Hong Kong, it is inevitable for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students to come across words, sentences and texts related to Chinese Historical Personage. However, owing to inadequate understanding of Chinese culture, they may feel overwhelmed with learning the subject. With a view that relevant learning material for NCS students to learn about Chinese cultures are found wanting, Open Knowledge Association and Prof Leung applied to SCOLAR for language fund to develop a useful application that leverages on the content of “Chinese Culture Readings: Historical Personage”, and to promote Chinese reading among NCS students. The e-version of “Chinese Culture Readings” bases upon the life stories of the Historical Personage as described in the original and puts emphasis on their characters, conducts and achievement so that the students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge about the notions and values in Chinese cultures. On top of that, interactive elements and extra learning materials have also been added to motivate the non-Chinese speaking community in learning Chinese and enhance the effectiveness of learning.